Carolina Food Co.’s on-campus dietitian, Tanya Miceli, graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Dietetics and has a passion for health and fitness. She loves baking (she has a sweet tooth!), running and traveling. 

Her number one tip? Making sure to be active! It doesn’t have to involve going to the gym- just find something that’s enjoyable and can be maintained long-term. It’s also the little things that count, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking at the back of a parking lot, and walking or riding a bike instead of driving when possible. 

When it comes to eating, Tanya encourages using USDA’s MyPlate as a guide for the meal or snack’s composition. Aim for ½ of the meal or snack to be made up of fruits and vegetables, ¼ to be made up of grains (preferably a whole grain) and ¼ to be made up of a lean protein. Variety is important so that all important nutrients are consumed as well as for calorie control. 

Tanya frequently hosts nutrition events on campus. Make sure to follow Carolina Food Co.’s social media (@UofSCDining) for information on upcoming events! 

Dietitian Contact Info: Tanya Miceli,, 803-777-1509